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Your Guide!

Cameron Tucker, Owner of Tucker's Guide Service is a resident to Yuba City, and is the third generation in his family to hunt and fish his local landscape. Cameron inspires to provide a the most  enjoyable and successful experience for his clients. Whether it is finding the big schools of Striped Bass, getting hooked up on a hard fighting Fall King Salmon, or putting you directly underneath the wings of Ducks and Geese, Cameron has the knowledge and experience to make your guided adventure one for the memory books!

What to expect when with Tucker's Guide Service.

There is a lot of choices one can make fishing or hunting Northern California, however Cameron strives to provide a great experience. No one can guarantee the birds will fly, or the fish will bite. However, Cameron will use his years of experience to produce results in tough times. Most importantly, he will leave you with an experience you will not forget.

A typical day on the river, starts off with a brisk morning river ride in his Boulton jet boat. Upon arriving to our destination, Cameron will get into detailed instructions of the techniques we plan to use, how to properly utilize the fishing equipment provided, and habits of the species we are targeting. Additionally, Cameron provides his customers a freshly prepared Breakfast Burritos, and cold waters. After a relaxing day on the river, the trip will end at the boat ramp where Cameron will clean and fillet, and your catch for you to put in an ice chest to take home.

For our Waterfowl hunters, we offer two main opportunities; Flooded Rice Field Hunt, and Dry field Goose Hunts. While hunting for Ducks and Geese in a flooded field takes place in a steel duck blind, fully furnished with blind stools, brush covers to hide you from waterfowl flying overhead, and decoys pre-set. Cameron will take you to the blind via UTV. Once in the blind, Cameron will provide you with professional calling, an overview of the area you are hunting, and his lab, Peanut, will do all the leg breaking work of retrieving your birds.

Our hunters coming to experience a Dry field goose hunt can expect showing up to a predetermined location from scouting the prior days bird activity. Dry field goose hunts are some of the most difficult hunts in the valley. Cameron prides himself in doing these hunts different from most. The Goose hunts are completely mobile, meaning he moves with the Geese. Additionally, Cameron and his team sets all the decoys up the morning of the hunt hours before your arrival to the field. This insures our clients are well rested and ready for the days action. We target these geese as they fly from fields to fields around the valley. There are major factors that can drastically change a hunts outcome, many that Cameron can not change. However, building a hunt plan based on predicted conditions such as wind direction, sky clarity (overcast, fog, or blue sky), location of mass of birds and access to fields before choosing a field to hunt. This is the main reason we do not provide a Goose hunt every day of the week, Goose Hunts are only schedule every other day to insure all hands are on deck for scouting.

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