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Whether it is your first time in the blind or boat or a seasoned veteran you can never be too prepared. From the proper gear to the proper licenses, all the information you need make sure you have a legal, safe and fun hunt or fishing trip can be found here. It is the client's responsibility to be prepared, please feel free to contact us with any questions BEFORE your trip!

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"What gear should I bring?"

Its hunting season! Camo, waterproof and warm is always the recommendation.  Dress in layers as weather conditions change frequently. Bring some snacks, a beverage and anything you think you need to keep yourself comfortable for the duration of the hunt. 

"What Ammo should I shoot?"

In most cases we recommend 3" #2 shot. However, feel free to shoot what you think is best for the situation, as long as it is non toxic and compatible with your gun.

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