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Striper Fishing the Feather River  is wipe open!

What another stunning day on the Feather River targeting Striped Bass. The river remains high, and the fish are on a wide open bite. I have been devoting my time to fishing here locally on the Feather River, in Yuba City. Today we launched at 7:30am. We ventured our way to where I've been having good luck. We baited up, dropped in the lines, and it wasn't long before we found a good school of fish. The routine was pick some fish out of the school, back off then swing back through to boat a few more. We worked this cycle for a few hours and called it a day. We wrapped up the trip about 11am with boating 25 fish, which one was a 12 pound female, and finished our two keepers a piece. I am enjoying this action the Feather River is producing, but I do suspect at some point I may venture over to the Sacramento River to try my luck out of the Colusa area. Though, it will be hard to leave action like this in my backyard!

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