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Salmon Season is open!

King Salmon opened July 16th for the Sacramento Valley. I will be spending most my mornings either on the Upper Sacramento River, fishing sections such as Ord Bend, Hamilton City, Woodson Bridge all the way up to North of Los Molinos. As well as the Feather River, from Yuba City, North to Live Oak, all the way North of Gridley. The opener was a success for my boat, I was accompanied by good friends and two of the best Salmon Fishermen I know, Father - Dewayne Tudor, and Son - Alex Tudor. The River opener is as tradition to us as Football on Thanksgiving, Barbecues to Fourth of July, and Punxsutawney Phil predicting an early Spring. Alex put us on the board with a beautiful mid-teens chrome King Salmon. Dewayne and I missed our opportunities to get our fish as well. The last five openers, the Salmon have eluded us, this this opener was as successful as we could ever hope. Up and down the Valley we heard reports of boats producing one to two fish. This might not seem great to most, but that’s perfectly fine. This is what we live for. From the time the season wraps up in the Winter, we look forward to the following opener. I will begin guiding in Mid-August, historically when the action is just getting red hot. Give me a call if you’re looking for a great time on the water, chasing these great fighting, great eating King Salmon! 

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