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King Salmon opens with a Bang!

Central Valley King Salmon fishing on Northern California rivers kicks off. Salmon fishing on both the Sacramento River and Feather River opened July 16th. This opener turned out to be one of the best in the last decade. I fished the Sacramento River north of Chico, we were struck with a little bad luck. We had 5 bites, and didn't manage one fish into the boat. However, I saw close to a one fish average per fishermen in the stretch of river we were fishing. I regrouped and fished again today, July 18th with two beautiful Chrome King Salmon. One fish was caught backtrolling Sardine wrapped Brad's KillerFish plugs. The second Salmon is hooked while boondogging Salmon Roe. Boondogging is a technique were I use lightweight spinning rods, lightweight reels, and 12lb test mono line to drift Roe through a deep hole, or small run ways the Salmon are resting in. Now is time to get on the books if you want to get in on the Action, August and September dates are filling quick.

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