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Salmon in Gridley

I have been out on a few scouting trips with no success. However, i been seeing the pictures of Salmon being caught at Outlet on the Feather River. My friend Johnny and I put in about 3 hours of fishing this section of river. We managed to get on the board when Johnny hooked up with a beautiful hen King Salmon the last 30mins of fishing time. There is a good number of fish holding in that hole, with more and more showing every day. We are still holding out till end of the month before we start taking clientele. Fishing with me, it's about catching fish ,and having a good experience. I prefer to fish from Gridley up to the Outlet. This is roughly a section about 5 miles long that we work our way up the river, and then back down to make for an enjoyable day on the water. Dates are almost filled up, one last weekend dates available September 30th, and October 1st.

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