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King Salmon Fishing is Wide Open!

The Salmon are here, and the bite is wide open! We have been having great success on the Feather River the last couple weeks. I have some openings in the next couple weeks, please contact me if you're interested in getting in on the action.

This week I had one of my favorite trip of the season. I had three local veterans on my boat. It was a way I could show my appreciation for there service, but what could be better than taking them fishing as a thank you. Jordan Lewis, Ryan Hughes, and Anthony Phillips were my crew for the evening trip. These guys were a hoot, they were all laughs. These three men all served in Afghanistan at different periods of the war. None of them knew each other prior to the trip, however as soon as we hit the water it was clear the guys had already made good connections with each other. They cheered each other on as another hooked up on fish. They also heckled each other until they all broke up into laughs about the fish they lost. I was very honored to have them in my boat Tuesday evening. I am thankful for what they have gone through, what they given up to for our country. To keep us free so that we can be here with our friends, family, and be able to enjoy the great outdoors. Thank you boys!

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