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It's Waterfowl season Folks!

Today, November 11th I had the day off, so a buddy of mine and I ran out to the blind for a quick morning hunt. I walked out the door this morning, and to my surprise we were socked in with fog! It's not an unwelcoming sight, but it caught me off guard. We made our way into the blind and there were lots of birds on the move. About 6:45 I was just wrapping up my phone call with California Sportsmen Radio Show and a four pack of Mallards dipped through the fog. In the middle of giving off my website information I clammed up, attention now all on the Mallards lofting under the fog. I finished up my field report for the boys and got back at it. Those mallards made a couple wide passes and we lost sight of them in the fog. We finished up at 7:30 with a couple duck and a couple geese. Today, I have a lot of things to continue working on; brush to cut, decoys to move, boards to hold water in place, etc. This time of the year the list never end. The overall hunting has been a slow start for us. Dates in December are beginning to fill up quickly, however there are plenty of quality date to get your hunt booked! Give me a call to discuss dates we have available and the variety of hunting trips we offer.

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